Some dog owners keep complaining about a condition where their pets do not come whenever they call. It is such a bad and sad thing to those people. This kind of condition is actually dangerous. When there is something bad going to happen, you or other people will be hard to remind it. For example, your dog is in a danger because a car is going to hit it. Do you also experience the same thing? Well, you are not alone and please keep calm. This problem can be solved soon. It only needs small training. What kind of training is it? Here is the explanation.

Training in this case is any activity that will include you and your dog. You have to make your pet get used to his name. Dog should know about its name and the response that it should give when someone calls its name. You should tell it and repeat same instruction to make the dog understand and memorize what you want. Repeating is the best way to make your dog understand.

Enjoyable is another aspect that will determine the result. The training cannot be something boring or frightening for you and your dog. You have to make this training as a time to play. Your dog should be happy. One of the easiest example for training is to catch him with his favorite food. You can call him by bringing a food. Make sure that your dog will give positive response. The way to check whether your dog likes the food or not is by letting dog to smell it. If it gives good response, it is time to continue the training. Anyway, chicken and cheese are two good choices.

Having your friends to call your dog will be important too because sometimes other people may call your dog. Thus, it should act like when you call him. You have to make sure that your dog really understand a call.

The last thing that will play a role in training your dog is a treat. Just like a little kid, your dog will be happy when it does something and it gets reward. When there is an improvement, it is time to stay away. You have to hide and call your dog. Train it to find you just by listening your voice. It is the last step of training.