General Information For Dachshund Rescue

Dachshunds have a reputation of being smart hunting dogs and very devoted family pets. Bred for the purpose of hunting badgers under ground, Dachshunds as family pets tend to display their hunting instincts in yards, digging tunnels, for example.

Everyone is sure to recognize the Dachshund by its specific looks. The elongated body, short legs and alert facial expression are trademarks of the breed. The Dachshund has a very good nose and a surprisingly loud voice. These hunting dog features make Dachshunds valuable guard dogs.

Longhaired, wirehaired and smooth varieties differ in both appearance and temperament. According to the size, the Dachshund can be standard (14-18 inches) and miniature (14 inches). Dachshunds live about 16 years. However, some Dachshunds are known to have lived longer.

The Dachshund dog’s owners and breeders claim that there is no better dog breed in the world. They say, the Dachshund makes things completely different and even those who only meant to have a friendly and loyal companion find themselves spending hours training the dog for trials or shows. The Dachshund is believed to have no limit in learning aptitude and can always pleasantly surprise the owner.

Dachshunds are rather independent and sometimes lordly. They will not display these qualities to an undesirable degree, if you do not provoke them. Though Dachshunds are small and a little comical looking, they naturally feel on a par with larger dogs. Stubborn and shrewd behavior at times is not rare in improperly trained Dachshunds.

Is This a Breed for You?

Dachshunds are beautiful dogs that can happen to be among those unfortunate ones in desperate need of a new owner. The fact that the Dachshund dog has been abandoned does not usually mean the dog is wicked. There could have been some personal reasons on the owner’s part that made him/her surrender the dog.

Dachshunds are compact dogs and will not take much space in your apartment. They do well in an apartment environment, if daily walks and exercise are provided. Dachshunds are full of love and devotion. It is in their nature to be a faithful friend to the owner. A rescue dog will be twice as loyal to you once it has come through an adjustment period in your home.

Dachshunds are said to have a good sense of humor. If it is what you are looking for in a dog, consider adopting a Dachshund. It has a comical look, but a lion’s heart and a kind of intelligence that will repeatedly surprise you. Dachshunds are low maintenance dogs. You will not need to spend much time in grooming saloons with the Dachshund. The wirehaired Dachshund will need occasional visits to a trimming specialist.

Adult dogs usually do not require training of simple commands. They are housebroken and well socialized. Of course, some problems might crop up. For example, it is necessary to know about the state of health a rescue Dachshund is currently in. It is no secret that due to its elongated body, the Dachshund is prone to disk problems.

Dachshund dogs are perfect companions and Dachshund owners claim they will be faithful to this breed, as Dachshunds are faithful to them.


Dachshund Rescues Links

There are dachshund rescue groups located throughout Texas and across the nation. All groups have their own adoption guidelines, processes and fees.



Below are International Dachshund Rescue Links where you can view dachshunds for adoption. All groups have their own adoption guidelines, processes and fees.

  • Canadian Dachshund Rescue – Dedicated to the rescue and adoption of Dachshunds and small Dachshund mixes across Canada. Based in Mississauga, Ontario. Includes breed information, adoption details, and profiles of available dogs.
  • Dachshund Rescue – Terms of adoption and other information. Located in Germany.