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Dachshunds, or Wiener Dogs are a specifically sought after breed for their awkward physical appearance and lap dog temperament.

4 Worst Dog Food Brands for Dachshund

If there is one question in this world with no straight answer, it must be “what should I feed my dog?” As a responsible and loving owner of a dog who always wants the best for their furry companion, at one point in your life as a dog owner you may ask yourself the same question as you walk down the pet food aisle – looking for that one perfect and healthy dog food. It’s not an impossible task, reading the ingredient labels of the dog food bag may give you a glimpse of whether or not it is a good dog food for you.

By reading the labels and knowing which ingredients that are harmful to your dogs, you will also know a shocking truth, that the majority of best selling dog food brands in the market are actually the worst dog food brands as they contain more filler component which has no nutritional value whatsoever.

Our dogs need more meat protein and than carbohydrate, so why would we give them meat flavored fillers? Below is 4 worst dog food brands for your to keep in mind and completely avoid the next time you are looking for a new alternative for your dog:

IAMS Proactive Health

Containing brewer’s yeast which many dog owners mistake as a beneficial component to help support their dog’s immune system as well as to repel yeast, this component is actually harmful as yeast may cause allergies. Another ingredient that makes IAMS one of the worst dog food brands is a pure sugar filler which leads to hyperactivity and weight gain. That meat flavor? It comes from the by-product of chicken.

Kal Kan

This supposedly premium quality dog food brand contains corn. While our dogs can benefit from moderate carbohydrate consumption, Kal Kan contains way too much carbohydrate since corn is found out to be its main ingredient. Another ingredient that should be a highlight of how bad this dog food is for your dog is meat and bone meal – a dry-rendered product generated from bone, blood, hoof, manure, horn, and mammal tissues.

Alpo Yummy

With its “Everything your dog needs” slogan, Alpo Yummy is far from yummy once you read the label. If there is one thing you can expect from this brand is animal digest – animal digest is unspecified parts of unknown animals, rendered and cooked ito goopy soup broth. This will later be sprayed onto the products or directly added and mixed to the food. Often referred to as meat meal, this ingredient can be found in every bag of dog food from this brand. Alpo is also found to use garlic and we all know how harmful garlic is to dogs – not only does it lead to red-blood cell damage, this can lead to other serious ailment that leads to death.

The aforementioned 4 worst dog food brands may not be the only ones that should make you feel alarmed. However, now that you have the knowledge of what makes them the worst brands, you will be able to navigate your way in the aisle during dog food shopping.

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