Dachshunds are generally healthy and long lived dogs. These dogs belong to the hound family. These dogs frequently suffer form back injuries because of their long elongated spines. They get easily hurt by falling, jumping accidents or rough handling. The removal of damaged spine may include simple anti inflammatory medicaments treatments to more serious and severe spinal injury treatments.

Care guide for dachshund suggests that these dogs should be given regular and proper exercise because when they get old obese or sedentary dogs are at much risk. Hence proper exercise and careful feeding are essential for happy, mischievous and long life of dachshund. Feeding the dog with nutritious food is essential. The dog should be taught to avoid the table scraps. Food supply to dachshund should be checked as obesity will cause spinal problems in them.

Care guide for dachshund says that the major problem these dogs suffer from is spinal problem. Hence care should be taken to see that the dogs don’t jump from furniture like table and chairs. Dachshund dogs should be taken for regular walk. If these dogs are not held active they will become destructive and bored. Oral hygiene is also highly important for dachshund hence they should be brushed daily on a regular basis.

They should be brushed with dog toothpaste and toothbrushes which are available in general dog stores. The dog’s hair should be groomed regularly. These dogs should be protected with the blanket during winter times. It is highly essential to bath the dogs and clip their nails on a regular basis. Avoid handling dachshund dogs roughly. All these tips will definitely help in providing dachshund a longer and healthier life.