Discovering the Basics of Crate Train Puppy Techniques

So you have just got your cute German Shepherd puppy home and you want to know how to apply crate train puppy techniques? Well if you have got a suitable crate for your new member of the family then you need to know how to train your puppy to see the crate as a good thing and not something to be worried about. If you follow the dog training advice in this article then you will be able to train your ball of fun to be happy to sleep and stay in his or her crate whenever you need it to.

Reasons Why Crate Training Your German Shepherd Puppy Is Invaluable

But why a crate? Well there are many reasons why crate training your puppy is a really useful. One of the most common crate train puppy techniques is if the owner has to leave his puppy alone for certain period of time, like when they have to go to work is a good example. Or it could be because they do not want to have the German Shepherd puppy running loose all around the home. Another reason why teaching your pet to stay in a crate is when you have visitors around to your house. Some people are naturally nervous and sometimes scared around dogs and would feel uncomfortable with your pet running around the house while they are there.

Crate training is also handy if you need to house train your puppy. By nature dogs will not usually defecate in their own bed and because your German Shepherd puppy will see the crate as its own little den then he or she will not want to go to the toilet in it. Another great reason is if your puppy is a little bit disruptive and has a destructive tendency then owning a crate can be a god send and can save your home from being destroyed!

Using a crate for your puppy is also very handy if you travel a lot, you can buy crates that can also be used as a travel crate for your pet. They will have a handle on the top of the crate that you can grab so that you can easily transport your puppy when you want to go away.

Before I let you know how to successfully train your puppy to love his or her crate, we need to get one very important point out of the way first. That is too never, ever use the crate as a punishment! As soon as you tell your dog off and stick it in the crate the dog will associate the crate with something bad and will never want to go in there again! You should always praise your dog when he follows your command to the crate. The crate needs to be a good, happy and relaxing place where your dog can chill out and have some time by themselves where they can get away from it all. This is a great example of a crate train puppy technique that will even give you peace of mind.

How to Breed German Shepherd Dogs

So how do you start crate train puppy techniques for your loving German Shepherd puppy? The first thing you will want to do is to make the crate as comfortable as possible, make sure there are plenty of blankets in there for you dog to sleep on and feel nice and cozy in. It is also a very good idea to put a t-shirt of yours in there so that there is always your scent in there, this will help your dog to relax more when they are in the crate.

The next thing to do is to put some of your puppies favorite toys in the crate to so that when he or she does not feel like sleeping they can occupy themselves by chewing on their favorite chew toys. You can also get toys now that you can put a few treats inside the toy. That will give your puppy a challenge to get at! This is great for keeping your dog interested and busy in the crate.

Once you have finally trained your German Shepherd puppy to love their crate you will find that you can leave the crate with the door open and your dog will go in there without having to be told to. The reason for this is because dogs naturally like a safe quite place that they can lie down in and get some peace and quiet. This crate train puppy tip can also be very useful if your puppy does not like really loud noises like thunderstorms and such. They will use the crate as a safe place to be when there are scary noises going on outside or in the room.

How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

I hope you found this article useful in learning how to teach your German Shepherd puppy to love his or her crate, if you follow the simple advice contained above then you should have no problems with crate train puppy tips and techniques.