Yorkshire Terriers can be a sensitive breed and do suffer various dog skin conditions. If your Yorkie is scratching a lot or seems to have an uncomfortable time sitting still then it’s wise to investigate any possible dog skin problems.

Causes of Dog Skin Conditions

There are many reasons your dog is itching too much and while I hope to help you figure out the problem if you are worried or the itchy skin has been happening for a long time then always consult your local vet.

  • Dog Skin Infections – Look for any red patches, weeping sores or hairless areas on your dog. This can indicate an infection caused by bacteria or fungal problems. Usually, these are treated very easily by a cream or pill from your vet. In the meantime avoid letting your Yorkie get too dirty and try to keep the area of itchy skin clean.
  • Yorkshire Terrier Allergies –It can happen just as easily to dogs as to humans and common dog skin problems are allergies. Dog skin allergies to food, especially cheap processed food, as well as fleas or ticks as or simply dust are all possible Yorkie health problems. Should you suspect this is the problem then try changing the brand of food and making sure your dog is clean and free from any parasites.
  • Nutritional Skin Problems – If your dog is not getting the right balance of vitamins and nutrients it may cause dry skin on dogs leading to itching and scratching. Make sure your dog is getting good quality dog food as well as plenty of water and exercise.
  • Behavioral Scratching – You may find dog skin problems are actually related to your Yorkies mental health. Nervous behavior and dominance issues can lead to licking, chewing or scratching of their skin. Separation anxiety in dogs will sometimes manifest itself in this way.

Dealing with Dog Skin Problems

It’s always advised to speak to a vet regarding all your dog’s itching, scratching or dry skin conditions as there can be serious underlying issues. Usually, a checkup from a vet will spot the issue and most dog skin problems can be resolved using creams.