Chihuahuas like most dogs are can suffer from allergies over the course of their lives although these are easily preventable if you know the cause of their allergic reaction and what to do to stop it from happening again. This article will help you to understand both of these.

Chihuahuas generally suffer from two types of allergy:

Skin Allergies

Short haired Chihuahuas are most susceptible to skin allergies and these are brought about by flea bites, certain brands of dog shampoo or a bad reaction to particular types of food. Although the initial trigger will irritate your Chihuahua’s skin, your dog will often make the problem worse by scratching or biting the area which is affected causing the skin to crack and swell. To treat this, rub some Vitamin E into the skin which will reduce swelling and heal the cracks.

Of course the best type of treatment is to take preventative actions to make sure your dog doesn’t have the same reaction again.

If you frequently find bite insect marks on your dog, give him flea medication on a regular basis. There are plenty of allergy free shampoos and conditioners which you can use on your dog if you find the product you are currently using causes them to scratch and itch.  In the next section I’ll discuss the foods to avoid to prevent allergic reactions.

Food Allergies

Food allergies affect both Long Haired Chihuahuas and Teacup Chihuahuas and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and ear infections; however, what most people don’t though is that they are also closely connected to skin allergies. When your Chihuahua eats something they are allergic to, this can cause red or swollen skin and often takes longer to heal than other skin complaints.

The cause of food allergies among Chihuahuas varies from dog to dog but a common offender is processed dry food as these contain carbohydrates which are difficult for your Chihuahua to digest. Many canned dog foods also contains carbohydrates, the wrong type of protein or “fillers” which also trigger allergic reactions.

When your Chi is suffering from a food allergy, it can be one of the most distressing times for both of you. Not only will the skin around your Chihuahua’s face, ears and legs become red and flaky, but their coat will often become dry and dull in color and can even lead to hair loss.

The good news is all of this can be avoided simply by feeding your Chihuahua is right types of food. To guarantee this, it is best to prepare their food yourself as this way you know exactly what ingredients you are using. This is easier and quicker than most people think and will ensure your Chihuahua is not at risk from the pain which an allergic reaction causes and is both happy and healthy.