Don’t Buy Pet Insurance Without A Quote

As with any significant purchase, you need to research the topic and any companies that are offering the product before you buy any medical insurance for your pets. Don’t simply settle for the first policy you run into! It’s a very bad idea not to look into all of the issues involved before you make a purchasing decision. Here are some of the most important factors to consider before making a choice between pet health insurance providers.

What Are You Looking For

Before you will be able to make any meaningful comparison between pet healthcare insurers, you need to be clear about exactly what you’re looking for from such a service. Pet health insurance plans can be broken down into essentially two different types: discount plans and comprehensive coverage plans.

Discount Plan

Under a discount pet health insurance plan, you’ll pay a premium on a yearly or monthly basis in exchange for reduced prices on pet health care costs, as long as you deal with veterinary services that are part of your plan’s network of coverage. A discount plan you find after doing a pet insurance comparison can be a decent way to save money on the costs of your pet’s health care.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive pet health care coverage functions similarly to health insurance provided for humans. You sign up for a monthly premium, and in exchange, the insurance company will pay for any of your pet’s medical care, after subtracting any deductibles or co-pays for which you have agreed to take responsibility. If you expect large pet health care bills in the future, purchasing this may be the most cost-effective course of action.

Ask About Waiting Periods

It is fairly common for pet insurance plans to have a waiting period after being purchased before the coverage will become active. Because some people might not purchase insurance until they know that their pets will require large veterinary bills, this is the insurance companies’ method of ensuring that this is not possible. Therefore, it’s important to find out exactly how long a waiting period will be associated with the coverage before you buy it!

Spaying and Neutering Coverage

If you will need to have spaying or neutering procedures performed in the future, you should find out whether the coverage plan you are looking at will cover these surgeries. Even if it is not the deciding factor in determining which coverage plan to purchase, it is a useful point of differentiation between plans that would be worthwhile to know ahead of time.

Caps on Coverage

Just like many human health care coverage plans, many pet coverage plans place a maximum cap on the amount of money they will pay for any one condition or veterinary visit. For the most part, cheaper plans tend to involve very low caps, which may leave you to foot most of the bill in case of serious health problems with your pet. A pet health care insurance agent can provide more specific information about coverage caps.

Canine Pet Insurance Plans

Canine Pet Insurance Plans