If you are getting your Labrador Retriever puppy from a breeder, you or the breeder will want to evaluate the litter to find a pup who is a good match for you. Beware of the instinct to pick the first puppy who comes up or snuggles with you! You and your puppy will have a long term relationship, and you’ll want to put some thought up-front into what kind of puppy best matches your personality, lifestyle, and experience.

The best breeders will do the matching for you, getting to know the future owners and the litter well, and pairing puppies up with owners.

The resources below are thoughtful tips on evaluating the personalities of different pups within a litter. You’ll want to know which pups tend to be dominant, submissive, independent, or aggressive. The Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test is a classic test you can run through to evaluate pups. This is fun to do even after you’ve brought your puppy home!

If you are getting a puppy from a rescue or shelter, you may still want to use the information below to test potential puppies. This way you can help to ensure that you and the pup are really a good match. Is the pup aggressive? Docile? Is that a good match for you?

Useful Resources: