A well-rested dog is a happy dog; just as we can feel grouchy and unwell if we don’t get a good night’s rest, our canine friends can feel the strain too. To ensure your pooch gets forty winks of the best quality you will need to provide them with a comfortable and quiet place to sleep and the first thing on your list should be buying a dog bed.

If you own a larger breed of dog it can be trickier to pick out a suitable bed. Many of the standard bed designs such as padded donut beds come in larger size options which you may like to consider. However, although some larger dogs do like to sleep curled up, they often like to sleep on their tummies with their legs outstretched and are therefore likely to need considerably more space than smaller pooches. You don’t want your dog to hurt themselves if they move around while dreaming so it’s best not to place too much space constriction on their sleeping space.

With this in mind, many owners of large breeds opt for large dog beds in matt or pillow designs which are padded for the pooch’s comfort.

These come in a full range of sizes and it’s even possible to buy varieties made with memory foam to help support your dog while they sleep. A suitable support is key in large breeds such as Great Danes which can develop joint and bone problems as they age. To pick out a bed with suitable size and support you will need to do a lot of research about the particular breed of dog you own to learn how big they are likely to grow in addition to any health problems they may encounter.

If you are buying a first bed for a puppy it might be worth gradually increasing the size of the bed as the puppy reaches adult size. Even if you know the puppy is going to grow into a large dog, buying a bed which is too large for them may make it hard for them to settle, particularly in the winter when they may find the bed cold if it’s too big.

Finally, after considering the needs of your dog don’t forget to assess the basics. You will want to invest in a bed which is both durable and easy to clean; so look out for fabric beds with removable washable covers.

Does Your Dog Need a Bed? Choosing a Bed for a Large Dog