When your Chihuahua vomits, it can be a distressing sight and this is made worse when you don’t know why they are sick or what to do about it. In this article, I’m going to talk you through the various causes for vomiting and also help you to diagnose your Chihuahuas specific problem so you can get him treated quickly and on the road to a full recovery.

Vomiting Can Be Good For Your Chihuahua

All dogs vomit at some point in their lives as it is a natural way for them to remove any foreign bodies or debris they may have ingested. If your dog vomits infrequently and there is no pattern to either the timing of his sickness or the type and color of the vomit he throws up, then you shouldn’t have to worry.

However, when your dog is vomiting on a regular basis or is throwing up yellow foam, white foam, clear frothy fluid or blood then there is a reason for this.

If you want to stop your Chi vomiting you first have to know why they are throwing up in the first place. You can do this out quite easily by simply observing what time of day they are throwing up, where it happens and what is the type and color of their vomit.

My Chihuahua Vomits After Playing Or Running Around

Chihuahuas can get over excited when they are playing and this can make them vomit. You can easily prevent this by calming your Chi down. One good way of doing this is to massage their neck or throat and talk to them soothingly. In the future, help your Chi not to get so worked up and try to calm him down before he begins to throw up.

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My Chihuahua Is Vomiting Yellow Foam

This usually affects young Chis under 1 year old and the yellow substance your Chihuahua is throwing up is in fact bile from their stomach. This could be due to a number of reasons: an upset stomach, a fever or stress can all contribute to this type of vomiting.

The most likely cause however, is that your Chihuahua needs to be fed. When a dog hasn’t eat for a while, a build up in stomach acids will occur which can be regurgitated up as yellow bile. Some Chis will throw up bile in the mornings after going all night without food.

The solution to this is to feed your Chihuahua smaller meals at frequent intervals throughout the day. It is also important what you feed your dog as many types of food can irritate a Chihuahua’s delicate stomach and cause them to vomit.

To find out more about the type of foods you should be feeding your Chihuahua and why most commercial dog foods are a big no no, skip down the page to the section ‘Are You Feeding Your Chihuahua Correctly?’

My Chihuahua is Throwing Up White Foam

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This is usually just saliva and just like the yellow bile we discussed in the previous section it could be due to an upset stomach or stress. However, in most cases this is also because your Chi’s stomach is empty and he needs something to eat.To prevent this, make sure you feed your Chihuahua small portions at regular intervals. To find out about the type of foods you should be feeding your Chihuahua and why most commercial dog foods put your Chihuahua’s health a risk, skip down the page to the section ‘Are You Feeding Your Chihuahua Correctly?’

My Chihuahua Vomits Regularly After Meals

This could be due to either the size of meal you are serving your Chi, how often you feed him or the type of food he is being fed.

Chihuahuas are small dogs with small stomachs but also have a lot of energy and burn through there food quickly. Because of this  and as I have already mentioned, it is best to feed your Chi small portions in intervals throughout the day. 2-3 mini meals is what I would recommend. If you are feeding your Chihuahua large meals only once or twice a day then this could be the cause of his vomiting.

Are You Feeding Your Chihuahua Correctly?

Another common cause of vomiting after meals is the type of food you feed your Chihuahua. Most people don’t know that the biggest contributor to canine sickness are commercial dog foods. To be happy and healthy, dogs need a protein rich diet, which contains the right type of protein and only small amounts of carbohydrates. Most dog food brands don’t provide this and instead contain a whole variety of fillers which are not only bad for your Chi, but also affect their health in the long term. 

Chihuahuas have sensitive stomachs and the wrong type of food can frequently cause them to throw the food back up. In this situation, the answer is to change his diet to something better.

If you are serious about looking after your Chihuahua and giving them the best chance at a long, happy and healthy life then you should seriously consider feeding your Chi homemade meals. This is quicker and simpler than most people think and puts you in complete control of what your Chihuahua is eating.

My Chihuahua Throws Up Without Warning Multiple Times

This is known as acute vomiting and there could be a number of reasons for this such as a change in diet or eating too much dried food too quickly.  However, there is also a chance this could be a medical emergency particularly if your dog is also suffering from diarrhea and for this reason you should get your Chi treated immediately.

My Chihuahua Is Puking Up Blood

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If your Chi is vomiting blood then you need to contact your vet. This could be because of any number of reasons some of which are easily treatable and others which are more serious. Only your vet will be able to diagnose the specific problem your dog is having and because this situation is less clear cut than the others already to discussed here and also potentially more serious, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to speculate on your Chi’s condition. The best advice anyone can give you is to get him to a vet as soon as you can.

How Do I Stop My Chihuahua Vomiting?

Because the causes of vomiting are so varied there is no single, direct way to avoid all vomiting. The best way is to observe the symptoms and behavior of your own dog, and then use the advice I have given in this article to take the necessary steps to treat the problem.

As a general guide, refrain from giving your Chi table scraps, don’t feed them large meals and don’t let them play with anything they could easily ingest.