Chihuahuas are unfortunately genetically predisposed to seizures. The good news is with the right diet and proper health care, you can greatly lessen the chances of your dog been struck down by a seizure attack.

The actual cause of epilepsy or seizures is still not completely known and they will often happen without warning and can last for as long as a few minutes. The first time your dog has a seizure can be very distressing. I remember the first time one of my Chihuahuas started convulsing and it took me completely by surprise. I had no idea what was going on and all I wanted to do was to pick up my Chi and cuddle him. This is the wrong thing to do and I will explain why shortly.

Chihuahua Seizure Symptoms

The most frustrating part of dealing with seizures is that they are so difficult to anticipate. Most Chihuahuas who are about to start convulsing may do some or all of the following: whining, shaking, hiding or wandering about restlessly. However, because these are daily activities for most dogs it is very difficult to tell when this is just normal behavior or a signal that they are about to convulse and often these these symptoms may last for hours before the actual seizure occurs.

The best thing you can do is watch for any unusual signs of these behaviors which are out of the ordinary for your dog. If your Chihuahua has had a couple of seizures, there will usually be a pattern of behavior which will indicate to you that your dog maybe about to convulse. Once you have established the symptoms which are unique to your dog, you can make the necessary preparations for dealing with the seizure when it occurs.

Handling A Seizure

When a seizure happens you should do your best not to panic as this won’t help your dog. While this is basically impossible the first time,  do your best to stay calm and give your Chi the support he needs. As difficult as it maybe, do not try to pick your dog up as this may hurt him. Move all dangerous objects away to prevent him banging against something. Try to time how long the seizure lasts for and make a note of it for your vet. If you can, try to remember what your dog does and how he moves during the seizure as this information may also be useful.

Unlike when humans have a seizure, you don’t have to worry about your Chihuahua swallowing their tongue. If the seizure goes on for more than 5 minutes, you should call an emergency vet right away.

After the seizure has finished, your Chihuahua will probably be disoriented and may be unresponsive for some time. He may continue salivating and might wander or pace around distractedly. You should allow him the time and space to do this until he is fully recovered. If your dog has not recovered within half an hour, you should contact your vet.

Chihuahua Seizure Treatment

If it your Chihuahua’s first seizure, you should see your vet immediately. There are various drug treatments for seizures and epilepsy such as diazepam, bromide and phenobatbital. You should follow your vets instructions and make sure you record how your dog’s seizure occurs next time he is affected.