Chihuahuas are just as at risk from infections as any other dog. However, if you know what to look out for, you can spot an infection in your Chi quickly which will greatly increase her chances of a full and speedy recovery. This article will take you through the different types of infections your Chi may suffer from and how best to treat them.

I should also say that if your Chihuahua hasn’t been vaccinated or has been fed the wrong type of foods, her immune system may not be strong enough to deal with problems which infections cause and you need to take action immediately before the infection spreads or becomes more serious.

Ear Infection 

Chihuahua are less at risk from ear infections than sloppy eared dogs. That said, they do happen and are typically the result of ear mites, bacteria, fungus or an environmental factor that infects your dog’s ear and causes problems. Ear infections needs to be treated straight away as they pose a very real threat to your Chi’s health. It is a good idea to quickly check your dog’s ears every week to see if they have any of the symptoms which indicate an infection is on its way.

Symptoms: Waxy discharge, inflammation, red ears, constant scratching around the ear area.

Treatment: See your vet immediately.

Eye Infection

Chihuahuas are at risk from eye infections like any other dog as they don’t have the ability to wipe their eyes clean when they are loaded up with goop. Allergic reactions can also contribute to an infection if a little bit of bacteria also manages to creep in. You can reduce your Chi’s chances of this happening to them by keeping their eyes clean and wiping away any normal discharge.

Symptoms: Swelling, redness, eyes watering, bloodshot or red eyes, discharge which is thick or discolored.

Treatment: If your Chi’s eyes are swollen or watering you should see your vet for a course of antibiotics. If it turns out that your dog has conjunctivitis, you may also need to get any other dogs you have in the house treated as well since this can be very contagious.

Bladder Infection

Small dogs like Chihuahuas frequently get bladder infections due to their low position on the ground. This is caused by bacteria getting into your dog’s urinary tract and as an internal problem it should not be ignored as it might go onto infect other organs.

Symptoms: Increased urination, loss of of bladder control, urination where they know they shouldn’t, pain when urinating, licking their genital area.

Treatment: Contact your vet immediately. Give your Chi plenty of water and some Vitamin C. Make sure you take them outside so they can relieve themselves whenever and wherever they want.

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Skin Infection

Skin infections or hot spots occur when bacteria builds up on the surface of the skin. They mainly happen in dogs with heavy coats but some Chihuahuas do catch them also. The actual name for this condition is Superficial Pyoderma and it is avoidable and easily treatable if recognized early enough. To greatly decrease your Chi’s chances of catching this, simply make sure you groom your dog on a regular basis particularly if she is a long haired chihuahua.

Symptoms: Circular patches of missing hair which becomes swollen and may seep pus. Also, redness, a rash, lack of appetite, skin irritation, skin discoloration or changing skin color.

Treatment: See you vet for medication.