Weather changes affect not just humans but animals too. So, it is only obvious that your dog too is going to notice the change in the climate. Though all weather changes call for extra dog care, it is the winter time that needs the most attention for your lovely puppy. Biting cold could give your dog a heavy time and even make him prone to illness. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your dog in winters.

Come winters and stepping out of the house seems as a task in itself. The same goes for your pet. Even though your dog has fur, he feels cold. So, try to keep your dog indoors as much as practicable. But if you have the dog bed placed outside then you need to make some provisions to guard your dog from the cold. Give him a heated dog bed and supply sufficient shelter.

Your dogs too need protective clothing and especially if they’re the smaller ones or do not have fur. Breeds such as Chihuahuas, Whippets and Greyhounds need warm clothes more as compared to other dog breeds. Get your pet a nice warm sweater or jacket.

Dog’s paws are also to be protected from the winter. Moreover there is a likelihood that the dog may slip on the snow. In order to stop this from going down, you would need special dog boots. These small boots will come with Velcro taping and can be fastened with considerable ease. Plus these dog shoes are available in various color and size options.

The Dirt on Doggie Digging and Stool Eating

If it is’s fully necessary to take your dog for a stroll this season, your pet may just be at the mercy of painful paws. This occurs due to the fact that pets may occasionally have to walk across sidewalks and pavements which have been chemically treated to liquefy ice. These chemicals can make your dog’s feet dry, chapped and painful. The pain may also cause your pet to lick the paws which in turn could lead to stomach problems. Thus, it’s insistent that you look after your pet’s paws across the winter season to stop any health issues.

Arthritis is one condition that really worsens in the winter season. So, you want to be more careful in this case, your pet is afflicted by arthritis. Try not take your dogs outside for icy walks. Keep him heated and provide protective clothing at all times. Also, be lighter on your dog during the winter season. Do not be brash when you are playing as you might end dog.

Your dog merits care all round the year. But, the necessity for this care and attention increases noticeably during the winter season. Try these tips and you will be able to take care of your pooch in a miles better manner.