Most of you are probably already aware of Lyme disease and the fact that it is a tick-borne disease. What that means is that if your dog does not get ticks, he cannot get Lyme disease. This is why Lyme disease is a non-core vaccination.

Not all dogs need to be vaccinated against Lyme disease. And even for those that do, there are both risks and benefits to giving the vaccine and these need to be thoroughly weighed before making the decision to vaccinate or not.

Vaccinations Against Canine Lyme Disease

There are several vaccines available against Lyme disease. Most of them are administered on a yearly basis when they are utilized.

The first consideration in deciding whether to vaccinate or not against Lyme disease is whether your dog is at risk for Lyme disease. If your dog is not exposed to ticks, there is no need for him to receive a Lyme disease vaccine.

However, remember that wildlife such as birds, rabbits, squirrels and other types can bring ticks into your yard. So, it is not impossible for your dog to pick up ticks even if your backyard. That’s a good reason to check your dog thoroughly on a regular basis for ticks.

Will the Lyme Disease Vaccine Provide a Benefit for Your Dog?

The next question to consider when you’re deciding whether to vaccinate your dog against Lyme disease or not is whether the vaccine is likely to be beneficial.

Some veterinarians do not feel that the Lyme disease vaccine is efficacious enough to warrant its administration. However, this is not something that all doctors agree on. Many feel that the degree of protection that the vaccine affords is worthwhile. Just remember that the vaccine is not 100% effective.

Another consideration to keep in mind is the fact that Lyme disease is only one of the tick-borne diseases that dogs are susceptible to. In most cases, Lyme disease is a fairly easily treated disease (there are exceptions to this). However, some of the other tick-borne diseases are more dangerous. As a result, tick prevention is still an absolute necessity, even if you do decide to vaccinate against Lyme disease. Unfortunately, at this time there are no vaccines available against the other tick-borne diseases.

Some dogs may benefit from the vaccine but certainly, it should not be given to all dogs. Before you make your decision, talk with your veterinarian about the pros and cons of the vaccine and use this information to reach an educated decision.

Will the Lyme Disease Vaccine Provide a Benefit for Your Dog?

Will the Lyme Disease Vaccine Provide a Benefit for Your Dog?