The black German Shepherd has held its more traditional look of the breed. Black German Shepherds have very pleasant temperaments and they are known to be very loyal, watchful and self-assured dogs and little tendency to back down. Those dogs are very trainable and their training should start when they are very young.

Hip and elbow dysplasia is a primary concern of German Shepherd breeders. The only health problem you must be aware of it. Preventive measures should be taken early on. Always ask to see the appropriate health certificates when looking for a new dog. German Shepherds can experience skin problems. Proper care of a German Shepherd includes regular worming, dental care and appropriate vaccinations. German shepherds have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

A black German Shepherd is a great dog in which to make an investment. Between $800 and $1000, the darker the coat color and the more luxurious it is, the more expensive the dog will be. The black German Shepherd should be easy to find by checking the internet for reputable breeders. They are plentiful and their litters run up to ten pups each.

German Shepherd requires some active exercise each day and should not really be confined to a small yard. The Time required to groom the dog depends on the length of the coat. However, it is not a high maintenance dog. During the seasonal moult from the cooler months in the warmer, additional brushing is required.

Black German Shepherd

Due to their stable temperament, high ability and uniform appearance, black Shepherds have been specifically used as disability aid dogs, police dogs, customs dogs and correctional service dogs as well as companion animals and obedience dogs.

A very versatile breed recommended for a wide range of uses and environments. A well adjusted dog makes for a very good family pet, although it may be a bit strong around smaller children. He is one of the best dogs on the planet and should be listed as the number on the breed list as man’s best friend