Does your pit bull have a food allergy? Many dogs can have food allergies and become sensitive to certain foods and ingredients. We don’t often think that dogs can have allergies just like humans can! Dogs are known to be little garbage disposals because they will eat pretty much anything a dog owner gives to it, from the bowl to under the table to leftover scraps from an outside barbecue, dogs usually love it all.

If you do not know what your pit bull is allergic to, it is recommended that the owner begins with the elimination diet, also known as hypoallergenic diet.

The Elimination Diet

Give your dog one protein and one starch to begin. A good start would be pork and potatoes or chicken and rice. Food given to the dog should be home cooked in order to guarantee there are no added ingredients or chemicals that could throw off the elimination diet. All flavored toys must be put away for the time being because they could also affect the results. Only give your dog water along with the food, no treats or scraps. The point is to watch how your dog reacts to each protein in order to find which food is possibly affecting your pet. Introduce a new protein one at a time every couple of weeks over the course of 2-3 months. While this diet is okay for a few months, is it not well balanced so your dog may have a lackluster coat for the time being. And while cooking meals for your dog may be time consuming, the elimination diet is the best sure-fire way at finding what your dog is allergic to. It is also recommended to contact a veterinarian if you feel your dog may have a serious allergy or possible adverse reaction to something. You can read more about the elimination diet here.

Gluten Free Diet for Pit Bulls

If you feel your dog is allergic to gluten or has a gluten intolerance, a grain free diet could be the way to go. If you are wondering if gluten is okay for you dog, or may want to switch your pit bull to a gluten free or grain free diet. 

5 Facts about Pit Bulls You Need to Know

The Most Common Allergens for Dogs

Most dogs are allergic to soy, wheat, milk, beef, corn and eggs. Many dogs can become bloated or lethargic after eating low quality brands of dog food. Low quality brands would mean any type of wet or dry dog food that contains added unwanted ingredients like food coloring, preservatives and artificial ingredients. In order to give your dog the best foods and ensure a happy stomach and digestive system for your pit bull, buy only foods that have one or two proteins listed in the top 5 ingredients. Buzz words to look for include chicken, beef or fish plus vegetables.

Some great hypoallergenic dog food brands:

The following DO NOT contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. No wheat, no corn, no hormones, pesticides antibiotics and no chemical additives.

  • Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula
  • Blue Buffalo Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

Grain free products:

  • Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food.
  • Canidae Grain Free Salmon Dog Food
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Dog Food