What Should I Feed My Pet?

So many overwhelming choices available today and sometimes the easiest way is just to pick up a bag and believe your pet will be fine.  However, good nutrition is as important for your pet as it is for  you.  Choosing a quality food is key in your pet’s overall health.

A Quality Pet Food Should Contain:

  1. A good source of protein:  Whole meat, fresh meat or meat meal as one of the first ingredients listed.  Meat is the most natural source of protein and contains the amino acids important for canine and feline health.
  2. Fruits and Vegetables:  Needed as a part of a balanced diet. 
  3. Whole Grains:  This includes such ingredients as oats, barley, brown rice but only in limited amounts

A Lesser Quality Pet Food May Contain

  1. Artificial Colors
  2. BHT, BHA and/or Ethoxquin:  These are chemical preservatives with possible dangerous side effects (ie. carcinogen)
  3. Meat/Poultry By-Products:  These by-products include such things as beaks, necks and feet.
  4. Glutens or Sweeteners: These can be the dried residue form corn and wheat
  5. Corn, Wheat or Soy:  Corn, wheat and soy can be used as fillers and are of little value nutritionally to your pet.  These ingredients are thought to be the #1, #2 and #3 causes of food allergies in pets.

Essentially, if you can’t pronounce it or wouldn’t want to eat it yourself, then it seems logical that it wouldn’t be a good idea to feed it to your pet.