Dog is the men’s best friend, this old saying is ultimately true since there are a lot of people that consider pets especially dogs as their best friends. Many people choose dogs over cats because they think that dog is more loyal than cats. Dogs are engineered to obey their master while cats are the master over the human slave. But just like any other domesticated pets, dogs need careful attention from their owner especially when comes to the matter of dog food. Choose only from the amazing best dry dog food list to avoid bad things to your dogs that can even lead to death.

Carelessly choose the dog food for your beloved gods could lead into fatal consequences. There is one particular case of Purina dog food that contain dangerous substance that can lead into dogs’ kidney problem, this raises the alarm and bring us to the reality that we do not know that is the ingredients or what is contained in the dog food that we buy. To avoid bad things happen to your dogs, you can always try to find the amazingly reliable best dry dog food list on the internet that is perfectly safe for your dog from the internet. There are so many websites and articles that talk about list of the best dog food and it can be summarize that the top 5 brands for dry dog food that is safe for your dogs as well as for your wallet are: Wellness core, Taste of The Wild, Solid Gold Barking at The Moon, Orijen, and Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck Meal and Turkey Meal.

Of course that safe dogs food are not only limited to those five brands that have been mentioned previously, there are actually more brands that you can get by searching the list of amazingly best dry dog food on the internet. Brands like the Merrick and Honest Kitchen embark are some of other brands that are included in the list of the best dry dog food. Dogs really need high quality food since domesticated dogs cannot hunt for food. It is because they no longer have the skill to hunt for their own meal, plus I believe that it is difficult for dogs to hunt for their meal in rural area.

So in conclusion, you must really pay attention to the food that you are giving to your dog. If needed you must know what are the ingredients of the dog food that you buy and what the effect to your dogs is. For a reliable reference, you can always use the internet and type the list of amazingly trusted best dry dog food on your search engine, and you can get the result immediately. If you consider dogs as your best friends, you must also give the best for them, as you do with your human best friends, and do not let anything bad happen to them.  A happy and healthy best friend is all you need to make your life better.