Bringing a puppy home is an exciting time for any new owner. Along with new toys, treats, and puppy proofing their home, new puppy owners are also tasked with finding the right food for their new pet. While veterinarians may provide pet owners with samples of kibble or recommendations, this food is often overpriced and are just as nutritious and balanced as other less expensive brands.

When considering a puppy food, new owners should only look into buying dry dog food. Dry dog foods generally contain better nutrition than wet dog foods, and they are also better for a puppy’s teeth which may soften if only given wet dog foods. Top dry puppy food brands include:

Pedigree Puppy Food

Pedigree Puppy Foods contain complete nutrition for a puppy’s growing needs and comes in either Pedigree Puppy or Pedigree Little Champions formulas. Both types of puppy food are designed to provide the nutrients needed to ensure the healthy growth and development a puppy experiences rapidly.


Although Iams puppy foods are generally more expensive than Pedigree or Purina puppy foods, they are still a healthy and economical buy. Iams puppy foods come in three distinct formulas: Iams Puppy Large Breed, Iams Small & Toy Breed, and Iams Puppy Original for medium size puppies.

Purina Puppy Chow

Purina Puppy Chows are some of the most well-known and readily available puppy foods on the market. These puppy foods offer balanced nutrition needed to promote healthy bone, brain, and vision development, and come in multiple formulas to fit different breed needs. Purina Puppy Chow formulas include Complete and Balanced, Soft and Crunchy Bites and Large Breed.

Owners should always compare labels when looking at puppy foods. If fillers or products such as cornmeal are some of the first products listed in the ingredients, then the food may not offer all the nutrition needed for proper growth and development. Always make sure a puppy food has a good balance of protein and fiber and has special nutrients, such as DHA to get the most out of each dollar spent, and to make sure that your puppy receives the nutrition needed to grow into a happy and healthy adult.

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