Dog brushing should be done regularly to keep your dog’s hair smooth and healthy, and to avoid excess dog shedding in your house. A used hair brush in your home won’t be too helpful for your dog. You need to invest for a set of dog brushing equipment.

If you own a short-haired, double coated dog breed (with an undercoat) you need to invest in a mitt, a bristle brush, a fork comb and a soft, horse brush. This dog brushing equipment will help you lessen dog shedding, most especially during hot weather.

A mitt is not actually a brush, but it is a great tool when applying conditioner on your dog’s hair. A mitt helps in loosening excess hair on the outer coat. A fork comb, on the other hand, will help you remove tangles and mats off your dog’s hair. The clumping of hair into mats will prevent you from brushing your dog’s hair thoroughly.

A bristle brush is helpful in removing excess undercoat hair. Dog brushing with a bristle brush removes fifty percent of dog shedding, so you’d better choose a durable bristle brush for this will be your ‘main’ and most used brush of all. Bristle brush must be brushed in all directions to catch loosened hair and trim the undercoat excess.

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A soft horse’s brush removes the last traces of loosened hair and stimulates the skin to produce more oil for the hair, thus giving your dog’s hair a shiny, well-brushed look.

If you own a poodle or any breed that resembles a poodle’s fur, you won’t have a need for these kinds of dog brushing equipment. With regular hair trimming, this type of dog doesn’t shed hair much. You can do your regular dog brushing with a simple fork comb to remove tangles and a regular dog brush to smoothen the hair.