While giving dogs cold, ice water may cause a dog to gulp it down too fast, potentially leading to choking, gagging, vomiting and in some cases bloat, there are instances, on the other hand, we’re giving ice cubes is actually recommended. The following are a few cases where ice cubes prove to be beneficial for dogs.

Health Benefits of Ice Cubes in Dogs

Wondering how to prevent your dog from vomiting right after he drinks? Do you have a puppy that is teething and needs some relief? Is it a hot, sizzling day and you are wondering how to cool your pampered pooch down? Ice can be helpful in several scenarios.

Ice Cubes to Hydrate and Prevent Vomiting

In the case of dogs with an upset stomach, an ice cube or two may actually prove to be beneficial. Problems with dogs suffering from upset tummies are the fact that their stomach needs some rest, and if they eat food or gulp down water too fast, their stomach may not be ready to deal with these yet, and this may result in further vomiting.

This is why many vets recommend fasting dogs with an upset stomach by withholding food for 12 to 24 hours. This way their stomach gets the rest it deserves before being introduced to food again. The same thing applies to water, if the dog gulps down too much water at once, it will likely be brought back up. However, dogs that are vomiting need to be somewhat hydrated, so the best solution is to provide ice cubes.

Veterinarian M. Christine Zink, recommends giving a few ice cubes to a dog with an upset stomach every four hours. The ice cubes should be licked so this way the dog will be able to stay hydrated without scarfing down a lot of water at once.

Ice Cubes for Obsessive Gulping of Water

Another common use of ice cubes is for dogs that tend to gulp down too much water at once. This is actually categorized as a behavioral problem, often observed in Labradors and Golden Retrievers. These dogs will gulp down tremendous amounts of water at once, with the end result of gagging and regurgitating the water back up, seconds later.

In order to prevent dogs from doing this, Rebecca, a veterinarian with Vetinfo, recommends filling up the water bowl with half water and the remainder with ice cubes. This should considerably slow down your dog’s drinking habits.

Ice Cubes for Teething Puppies

Ice cubes are also often given for relief to teething puppies affected by sore gums. According to the Hardin County Humane Society, the coolness of the ice is very soothing to a puppy’s sore gums and the ice is also a good source of hydration. If your puppy is not too interested in ice cubes, you can always fill up some ice trays with some beef or chicken broth.

Ice Cubes to Prevent Overheating

Finally, some ice cubes added to the water bowl, in those steamy hot months, may encourage your dog to drink more and prevent overheating, suggests veterinarian Holly Nash. Many recipes for ice treats for dogs abound. In this case, just be watchful for gulping too much water or ice at once or giving it when a dog is overheated or exhausted from exercise.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to replace professional veterinarian advice and should not be used as a diagnostic tool. If your dog requires any veterinary-related advice, please contact your veterinarian promptly.

Ice Cubes to Prevent Overheating

Ice Cubes to Prevent Overheating