Choosing dog best food is not an easy thing. There are some considerations before a pet owner give particularly type and brand of food. It is about the nutrition and of course the form of the food. You may have two choices which are wet and dry. Both of them have bad and good sides. To help you in determining which one is considered best, you can read this following information.

Wet food is now being favorited for many dogs. It offers best taste of content. Wet food is usually consists of meat, tripe, or vegetables. Dog will be happy and healthy when he consumes such meal. In addition, wet food will provide real meat for dog. This is what dog wants. Unfortunately, it has bad side also. This type of dog food sometimes has high percentage of water. It is not good for your dog. If you really want to choose wet food, it is better to check the water percentage on the pack. It is the only way to ensure that your dog will eat the food that you give. In addition, wet food also needs special treatment in case of keeping it. You have to refrigerate it once it is opened. That is why, wet food will be good if you have many dog.

Let’s try to see dry food for dog. In case of price, dry food is cheaper than wet food. In addition, you can get complete nutrition for your dog by spending less money. Wow, it sounds great right? More than that, it has another good side. Dry food is believed as a good choice to make dog’s teeth. It is also easier to keep the dry food compare to wet food. It is possible to make the food for another time when your pet cannot eat it all. In case of negative side, dry food is sometimes tasteless. It will not make your dog happy. They may be bored with such menu. It, of course, will make your pet does not want to eat. Your dog may leave it when you often give him dry food.

Those are some good and bad sides of dry and wet food. You may choose which one is fit to your dog. You may try both of them and see which one is best for your dog.