If you are thinking to buy a dog, then no one is better than the German Shepherds. Amazing fact is that German Shepherds love their owners, but they are not so warm-hearted of strangers. But well and properly trained shepherds aren’t aggressive with strangers.

They are full of energy that’s why this breed dogs need a path to burn off some energy, because they have a lot. Mostly German Shepherds demand play time and daily walk. If they are not properly exercised then they will become more rowdy in nature. They are very powerful and large dogs. German Shepherds are also called police dogs because they are highly trained dogs and have many qualities like:

  • The German Shepherd have good and high sense of smell.
  • They are very loyal in nature and devoted to its owner.
  • This is the most popular dogs known for its intelligence, courage, versatility, physical prowess, and steady demeanor.
  • One of the best thing of this breeds dog is they never give up in front of another breeds dog.

The most interesting fact is that the name German Shepherd was first used in America during the France and Germany war. This dog was used by both France and Germany during the war. But the British people did not want to call their dog German Shepherds so they decided to change their name and called Alsatian.

After the France and Germany war British rename their dogs German Shepherd. That’s why there is no difference between Alsatian and German Shepherd. After that German Shepherd /Alsatian Dog has become one of the most popular breeds of dogs.

German shepherd is widely recognized breeds in the world due to it provide special services as well as host of task. It has qualities enduring, clever, and discriminating and a good observer.

The Benefits of German Shepherd Puppy Training Basics

The German Shepherd dog is one the most popular breed in America. He is an intelligent as well as very capable working breed dog. This is most popular for their intelligence because this breed dogs are incredibly smart. They can easily learn the easy task within five repetitions. This breeds dog has 238 ponds bite force due to this they are more dangerous for thief’s. There is one more quality in German Shepherd that they have very friendly and loyal nature.

Here are the valuable suggestions that can help to learn more about German Shepherd:

  • This breed dogs are strong, natural looking and athletic.
  • They are versatile, loyal in nature and well socialized in nature.
  • They have ability to run fast and catching the thief’s.
  • These dogs are always ready to play adventurous games.
  • German Shepherd have great memory, once they see anyone then they never forget them.

Mostly German Shepherd breeds dog has an outline of horizontal smooth curves on a body. They have amazing learning capability and there is no one dog like German Shepherd because their abilities are so awesome and fantastic. This dog breeds are so famous there are so less people who don’t be acquainted with about German Shepherd.

Crate Train Tips and Techniques For Your German Shepherd Puppy

The German shepherd dog has an outline of smooth curves on a body that is longer than it is tall. It is strong, agile and substantial. Its gait is exceptionally outreaching and elastic, covering the ground in great strides. It has a double coat, with the outer coat consisting of dense, straight or slightly wavy, harsh, close lying hair of medium length.