The most common problem every pet owner has to handle is dog vomit. It is very normal for your Maltese dog to vomit occasionally. The occasional episodes of Maltese dog vomit are nothing but a natural way of the body to get rid of unwanted foreign particles causing trouble.

Maltese dog vomit is generally the result of some irritation caused in the stomach. Please do not confuse dog vomit with regurgitation where the undigested Maltese dog food is spitted immediately after consumption.

Though occasional Maltese dogs vomit may not be alarming, but if you get to see frequent occurrence of dog vomit then it is a warning sign, and chances are that your dog is suffering from some illness or health problem.

Causes of Maltese Dog Vomit

There is an array of varied medical conditions and situations that give way to Maltese dog vomit. Diet related causes are the primary and the common causes behind dog vomit. The dog vomit caused due to stomach upset is yellowish in color. Maltese Dogs generally have the habit of consuming non food foreign particles such as hairs, pieces of toys or any other small things, etc and henceforth are compelled to expel the foreign particles through the medium of dog vomit.

In some cases, dogs vomit may be caused to consumption of certain Maltese dog food items that are too rich, high in fat or the dog has an allergy to it. Besides these dietary causes, there are several other causes behind dog vomit. These causes may arise from the stomach, the small intestine system or through other infected parts of the body such as liver or kidney.

Maltese Dog Vomit

Maltese Dog Vomit

Possible causes behind dogs vomit involving the stomach includes stomach ulceration, gastritis which is an inflammatory disease, stomach cancer, Hiatal hernia or any obstruction caused due to the presence of the foreign particles. Possible causes behind dog vomit involving the intestine include intestinal cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases, presence of worms or infectious diseases such as parvovirus.

There are several secondary causes also behind dogs vomit and involve other parts of the body. Inflammation or infection in the pancreas known as Pancreatitis, infection in the abdominal cavity known as Peritonitis, infection of the uterus known as Pyometra, inflammation of the liver known as Hepatitis, kidney failure, diseases caused due to excesses and hormonal deficiencies are some common examples of secondary causes. Neurological disorders and drug reactions, for example, NSAIDS, chemotherapy drugs, or digoxin are other potential causes responsible for dog vomit.

Treatment of Maltese Dog Vomit

First of all, dog vomit is not a disease or illness, but a symptom. The treatment to be adopted depends on the individual circumstances. If the dog vomit is periodic, yellow, bright and clear on examination then probably there is no requirement of any specific treatment. Dog vomit around once or twice a month is common among dogs with sensitive digestive system.

For repetitive Maltese dog vomit cases, the best treatment is to starve the dog and keep him on fasting for 24 hours, while making him drink only water. After fasting, offer your dog small portions of plain food such as boiled rice with some chicken. Try to follow this for few days. Also try to feed your Maltese dog with small portions of Maltese dog food several times a day instead of a large meal.



Treating the symptom – dog vomit will no doubt provide comfort and relief to the patient but it is not the replacement of proper diagnosis followed by medication. Cases of severe and acute vomiting require veterinarian’s advice, as dogs may dehydrate and develop other complications. Do not give any drugs on your own without veterinarian’s consultation.