The biggest question I get asked by people interested in owning a beagle of their own is whether they should adopt a puppy for purchase one. There is a large misconception about shelter dogs, mainly that they are all dirty, sick and unsocial. This is not even close to the real truth. A lot of the dogs given to the shelter are given up by their owners who loved them but couldn’t keep them anymore either because there are moving or are having money issues.

These dogs have been well taken care of and are need of a new home. They had all their shots and in most cases have had some sort of obedience training. There are obvious advantages, and disadvantages, to both so let’s go over the differences between adopting and buying.

Purchasing a Beagle Puppy from a Breeder


  • Usually there are more puppies to choose from and finding a young puppy is much easier when you are buying a beagle from a breeder.
  • The puppy will have no previous training or have any solid habits, so you will have a slightly easier time training your beagle the habits and behavior that you want.


  • Just like previously said, the puppies will have no previous training whatsoever. Some dog breeders might housetrain their puppies, but that is very rare.
  • So you will have to train your beagle everything on your own and deal with all the mess that comes with it. Of course if you know what you are doing when training a beagle, this might not be such a bad thing.
  • Another disadvantage is that you won’t really know what your beagle puppy will turn out like. It’s hard to judge his behavior at such an early age so there is no way to predict his temperament and behavior once he reaches adulthood.
  • The price of purchasing a beagle from a reputable breeder can be several hundred dollars. So if you don’t have that kind of money to spend then maybe purchasing a beagle is not right for you.

Adopting a Beagle Puppy from a Shelter


  • You will have more history available about the dog to really know what he will be like. You will have a much better idea about how well he does with kids, cats or other household pets.
  • In most cases the adopted dog will have some previous training so that means less work for you. You won’t have to worry about housebreaking or destructive chewing if the dog had previous training.
  • By adopting a beagle you will also be helping out the animal shelters and rescuing a dog in need of a new home.


  • Beagle puppies are adorable and finding one in the shelter isn’t so easy. You will have to spend more time looking for the perfect beagle puppy. However there are plenty of adult beagles looking for a new home.
  • Other than that, there are no real disadvantages in adopting a beagle puppy from a shelter. You will rescue a dog in need of help, save some money by adopting and gain a new loyal companion in the process.