Twenty-five percent of dogs that end up in shelters are purebred dogs. So, if you are looking for a purebred poodle, don’t rule out animal shelters as a place to find one. The animal shelter may send any poodles that show up to rescue group.

There are many reasons a dog may end up in a shelter. Occasionally legal action against a puppy mill or abusive owner result in the confiscation of poodles. Sometimes a poodle becomes lost or is given up due to a tragedy in the family, but most are victims of neglect and ignorance.

Many poodles find themselves the unwitting victim of unfortunate circumstances. Poodle Rescue is a purebred rescue system that works hard to help poodles in need. Whatever the reason for a dog entering Poodle Rescue, once it does, the rescuers work through a series of steps to place the dog in the right home.

Adopting a poodle through a Poodle Rescue organization requires being approved. Specific procedures and policies (designed to protect the dog) vary to some extent, from one Poodle Rescue organization to another. The adoption process may take several weeks. Rescue groups are careful in matching a rescue poodle with his new family.

The advantage of adopting a poodle from a rescue group is that each dogs individual history and needs are accessed. Typically the dog has spent time in a foster home and more is known about the individual poodles personality.

Expect to be grilled about your suitability as a poodle owner. The ability of the adopters to meet the needs and challenges of a particular poodle are carefully examined. Rescue workers just want to match each poodle with the right family and lifestyle. They don’t want to see their rescue poodles come back.

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Although puppies occasionally come through rescue programs, most rescued poodles are older adolescent or adult dogs.

To locate a RESCUE person in your area, visit The Poodle Club of America website. Click on your state on the map at the bottom to the page. A list of names and phone numbers of their RESCUE and breeder referral persons will appear.