Once you have determined the German Shepherd Dog is the right breed for you and your family, now you begin the search to find your new dog. First, you will need to determine if you want to start with a puppy or an adult. This decision comes down to each individual’s personal preference and situation. There are positives and negatives to each option.

When you purchase a puppy from a good breeder, you have the knowledge of the genetics behind that puppy. You will have the breeders support throughout your puppy’s life. You will also have someone to ask for help if you run into problems. By starting out with a puppy you can raise him, train him, and mold him to fit into your family.

Unfortunately, the downsides to buying a puppy are that you simply have no guarantee of how he will turn out as an adult. You can stack the odds in your favor by purchasing from a good breeder, but problems can still arise with health or temperament issues. You will also have to go through the dreaded puppy stage which includes a lot of puppy biting, chewing, destroying and potty training.

If you choose to go with an older puppy or adult you will have a better idea of what the dog will be once mature. You may be able to know the health status, how the dog is with children, other dogs, cats, etc. You will also be able to skip over the puppy stage and start with obedience training. Depending on the dog, he may already have some obedience training, be house broke and crate trained.

When you bring an adult dog into your home, sometimes you do not know his background or any issues he may have. You also may not know what type of training (or lack of) had been done with the dog. While an adult dog can still bond with your family and make a wonderful companion, some people prefer to go through the puppy stage and raise the dog from the beginning.

If you have a busy lifestyle and are unsure if you can devote the proper time to raising a puppy, starting out with an adult may be the best option for you. If you have young children and are hesitant to bring an adult dog into your house, purchasing a puppy may be the best choice for your family.

Puppy vs Adult German Shepherd