Pet is always being important part of those who become animal lovers. They will treat a pet as good as they can. They will handle every single need for the pet or in this case is dog. It is including the meal. If you really love your dog, it is better to serve homemade food for him. It will be much healthier than you buy. You can guarantee the quality and taste. The most important thing is it is made with love. You should not worry that it will take time or a bit difficult. It is very easy and simple. Yet, it has various nutrition that will be good for your dog.

There are some ingredients that you have to prepare. Here they are:

  1. Three cups of Ground beef
  2. A cup of grated vegetables (you should have some kinds)
  3. Sweet potato
  4. Broccoli
  5. Carrots
  6. A cup of cottage cheese (make sure there is no sodium there)
  7. Two raw eggs

When everything has been ready on your kitchen, now it is time to cook best food for your lovely pet. You can follow these following steps. So, pay attention and make sure you do not left one of these steps.

  1. Prepare a big bowl that will fit all the ingredients
  2. Take ground beef and grated vegetables
  3. Then, you need to grate them all
  4. After finishing third steps, you can mix those two main ingredients by using your hand
  5. Next, it is time to add cottage cheese in the bowl then mix it with previous things
  6. Two raw eggs come after you ensure that al of ingredients have been well mixed
  7. Mixing process should be done once again to unite the egg and other ingredients

Those are the first session of cooking a good meal for your sweet heart. Now, you can move to the process of cooking. You will need a loaf pan. You should not grease it first. Then, put the final result of your mixture. It will take about 40 minutes to bake the mixture. During that period you may play with your dog first. Anyway, the oven should be ready wit preheated temperature 350 degrees F. After getting ready, it is better to cool it down first. The taste will be better. Then, you can give it to your dog after waiting for a while.