This summer is proving to be a hot one for both us and our pets.  So how do can we keep them cool, safe and happy this summer?  Easy, when you follow these tips.


Always keep fresh water available inside and outside.  If you have multiple pets, consider changing the water more frequently and having multiple buckets. 


If they are outside for extended periods, they should have some kind of cover/shade to keep them out of direct sun.  The temperature in the shade can be several degrees cooler than the sun.

Avoid Sunburn

If you choose to shave your dog, be mindful that they can be more susceptible to sunburn.  Sunburn can be both painful and dangerous for our dogs.

If you do shave your dog:

  1. Consider leaving the coat a little longer in the summer months, even a ¼ inch will help
  2. Reduce the amount of sunlight the dog is exposed to for the first week or two after the cut


Many dogs love to splash around in pools for fun and to cool off.  Hard plastic kiddie pools are great options for pets.  Change the water often to keep it clean, fresh and cool as the water will heat up quickly.

Cool Beds

These beds provide a cool place for your dog to rest and also provides cushioning that the older dogs seem to love.  All you have to do is fill them with water!


If you have ever wrapped a cold water soaked bandana around your neck on a hot summer day you know it borders on true bliss.  Well, they have wonderful bandanas for our pets.  The ones I have seen come in wonderful colors and are filled with micro beads that hold the water and keep the bandana cool longer. 

I don’t recommend your pets wear them unattended and don’t wrap them too tightly around their neck.

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When we travel or attend outdoor shows in the summer, each crate is fixed with a fan.  The fans sit on the outside of the crate and help keep the air moving.  My dogs love them!

Avoid Hot Ground

Try to avoid walking your dog on the hot pavement in the middle of the day when the temperatures are at their highest.  While their pads are tough, it can still be hot for them.  Either walk them on grass surfaces or walk early or later in the day.

If you have additional tips that will help keep our pets cool and safe this summer please consider sharing!