Most of us dog fanatics look forward to the warmer weather because we can FINALLY walk our dogs without unpleasant conditions. Also, most of us live in more commercial settings these days, with houses that are close together and there are many more of them in one given neighborhood.

Some of us turn to state parks and forest preserves, but we don’t always have access to those amenities. Therefore, we walk in our neighborhoods where everyone is sprinkling their lawns with harsh chemicals to create the “green” grass that we never see in our yards…ha ha.

These chemicals don’t always stay just on the lawns, they travel into the air and onto sidewalks/streets and parks. With this in mind, it is more than likely that when you take your dog for a walk, they will come in contact with these chemicals. It is impossible to completely avoid them, but here are some tips for avoiding your dog’s pads getting burned/cut and to keep them from inhaling or even eating the chemicals.

6 Tips To Reduce Your Dogs Exposure to Chemicals

  1. Have them wear booties to protect their pads. Although these are known for use in the winter, they work just as well now.
  2. Layer their pads with a paw protectant. These usually come in a ‘jelly’ or ‘lubricant’ form and are easily applied to their pads. These also provide a barrier from the heat on the pavement and can prevent sliding on the slippery floors.
  3. Drive to a different location to walk. This would be things like the state parks, forest preserves etc. By law, companies cannot add harsh chemicals to the preserved nature parks.
  4. When you get back from any given walk, soak your dog’s feet in a Bedadine bath. Simply add enough Bedadine to water to create an iced tea color. Soak each foot for 30sec-1min, remove and then dry thoroughly. This will not stain their fur as commonly mistaken.
  5. Treadmills. Although most of us use them for winter, they may be a good option when you cannot get elsewhere to walk when everyone is caring for their yards.
  6. DO NOT allow grass eating during these months when on walks.