A 6-month-old puppy is at the state of transforming from puppyhood to adulthood. At this time, especially if you have multiple puppies, you will see more casual barking, nipping, and growling which means your puppy is showing signs of dominance. They will instinctively hump other puppies as they’re preparing for adulthood. That’s totally okay as long as they’re not doing that to you.

What to Expect From a 6-Month-Old Puppy?


  • How Big Is a 6-Month-Old Puppy – On average, a 6-month-old puppy is around 75% of the size it’s going to be as an adult. That means if your puppy would be 40 lbs as an adult, at approximately 6 months of age your puppy will be 30 lbs. Of course, not all puppies mature exactly the same time. Smaller breeds of dogs seem to mature faster than larger breeds of dogs.
  • 6 Month Old Puppy Teeth – Your puppy’s permanent teeth should be out around the age of up to 7 months. At that time it’s best to get on your regular tooth brushing schedule as it’s very important that you take care of the teeth your dog will be with for the rest of his life. So it’s important to keep them clean and healthy until they get stronger. Also, your dog will display a lot of biting at this time so make sure you get approved toys that won’t damage the teeth.
  • 6 Month Old Puppy Senses – This is the age when your puppy’s vision, smell, taste, and hearing senses are peaked and advanced. They will be able to finally differentiate smells between different dogs and humans. This is the best time to start training your puppy.
  • 6 Month Old Puppy Bladder – Most 6-year-old puppies should be able to hold their bladder for up to 7 hours, and should definitely be able to sleep overnight without having any sort of accidents. During the day, you should take your dog out at least once every 7 hours.
  • 6 Month Old Puppy Intelligence – Your puppy’s intelligence progresses a lot at this age. This will mean your puppy will become more curious, hyper, willful, and is going to try a lot of different things including rebelliousness, eating random things, marking territory, and the like. So make sure you don’t keep old trash cans and intoxicated objects around the house as your puppy may try to eat them.
  • 6 Month Old Puppy Agility – The agility and enthusiasm are extremely high at this point. They will run, jump, and fetch with accuracy and precision. This is a great time to teach your puppy to fetch, roll over, and many other tricks.
  • 6 Month Old Puppy Sleep – Don’t be surprised when you hear this, but 6-month-old puppies will sleep 16 to 18 hours a day on average to recover the energy. But the other 6-8 hours they’re not sleeping they’ll be extremely hyper and frenzied so don’t think you’re off the hook.
  • 6 Month Old Puppy Spaying – This is a great time to spay and neuter your puppy to avoid any unexpected pregnancies. At this age they’re going through puberty, so keep your watch on them.
  • 6 Month Old Puppy Growth – Puppies at this age will start shedding a lot more than usual so regular brushing is a must. Eventually, the puppy coat will be completely gone as the puppy will get an adult coat and increase in size as their muscles grow to the adult stage.