When you decide to adopt a pet especially dog, it means you have to be responsible of it. You should take care of it like it is your friend, family, or even kid. You need to ensure that it takes a shower regularly using the right soap. More than that, dealing with its food becomes so important too. You have to pay attention on its nutrition. It is not good to give your dog anything without considering the quality of the food. To give you clearer understanding, you can read these following steps in choosing the best food for your Dog.

  1. Read carefully label on a food.

It has been a regulation from animal welfare association for every company or brand of dg food to show ingredients. If it is only has one ingredient, the percentage must be 90% (water is excluded). That’s mean you should avoid a brand with has no labeling.

  1. Pay attention on its ingredients

After checking label, you should read the ingredients, too. It is recommended to choose a food made of fish, chicken, beef, or poultry. It usually has good taste and quality that will make you dog happy and healthy. To make you get best, you need to go further. You can see some key nutrients. They are protein, less weigh, and water has been removed.

  1. Do not Leave Grains

Grains is very crucial for the health of your dog because it contains carbohydrates for your dog. Without such substance, your dog will got a problem on metabolism. When a food has good percentage of carbohydrates, it will be easier to digest. In addition, dog is like human. It needs carbohydrates as energy source.

  1. Avoid Gluten

Some dogs experience allergy to gluten. That is why you’d better choose a food with free gluten. It is aimed to ensure that there will be no problem.

  1. Prioritize Quality

Another thing that you should also check on food is its nutritional evaluation. It is usually mentioned on the pack. There are some types of nutritional evaluation such as this food is complete and balanced for all life stages, the food is complete and balanced for growth and reproduction, or this food is complete and balance for adult maintenance. Those statements are important to determine food based on life stages.

  1. Have a Consultation to a Vet