Dog foods are widely available in the market. Kibble or dry dog food makes it easier for dog owner that it is not necessary anymore to prepare or cook some recipes manually. Among all brands marketed, the popular and top rated dry dog foods are listed below.

Contents at a Glance

Pacific Stream Canine by Taste of the Wild

When it comes to foods for pets, every dog owner recognizes Taste of the Wild. This brand features many popular varieties including Pacific Stream Canine dry dog food. The food is formulated by a combination of nutrient-rich substances, while the main ingredient is smoked-salmon.

Pacific Stream Canine uses real smoked-fish that is combined with a blend of omega fatty acids and potatoes for better digestibility. Furthermore, it also contains fruits and vegetables ensuring nutritional balance. The dog food is available in a 30-pound bag.

Hi Prairie Canine Formula by Taste of the Wild

The main reason to include this product in the list of top rated dry dog foods in the market is the taste. This is another preferable variety from Taste of the Wild, which contains roasted bison and venison.

Since the ingredients are real roasted meats, most dogs will adore the taste and take high concentration of nutrients from the formula. Other ingredients include fruits, vegetables, and amino acids.

Grain-Free CORE Original from Wellness

Wellness is also a highly popular brand of pet foods in the market. One of its best productions is the Grain-Free CORE Original Formula, which brings nutrient-dense natural ingredients including deboned turkey as well as chicken meal and turkey meal.

This product does not bring chemical substances such as preservatives, and artificial color or flavors. It does not even contain any possibly irritating meat by-product. The ingredients are formulated for healthy dogs with optimal fat and calorie levels.

Chicken and Rice Formula from Diamond Pet Foods

The main ingredient of this dry dog food is chicken including chicken fat and meal. An adequate amount of omega fatty acids is also included for healthier skin and coat. Combined with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, Chicken and Rice Formula from Diamond Pet foods is a suitable meal for dog’s diet.

Wellness Super5Mix Dry Food for Small-Breed, Adult Dog

Small dog breeds certainly have different nutritional requirements compared with the larger counterparts. In most cases, such animals feature high metabolic rate, but they are vulnerable to low blood sugar condition.

Wellness Super5Mix Adult Small Breed is optimized and formulated specifically for small dog breeds. The food is one of the best dry dog foods simply because it has almost everything necessary to ensure body and skin health of your little pets. It contains various protein sources and a mix of omega 3 and omega 6. Antioxidants are also included yet it does not bring preservatives and artificial flavors.

Best dry dog food, give only the best for your best friend

Best dry dog food, give only the best for your best friend


Dry dog foods deliver convenience since you do not have to prepare or cook the foods manually. They are ready to consume directly after you pour them into your dog’s bowl. There are of course plenty of other brands available, but you can use the list of top rated dry dog foods mentioned above for everyday reference.