You can’t feed a dog any old thing and expect it to be healthy. A dog needs proper nutrition just like a human does. With the proper nutrition, a dog will be happier, their coat will be glossier, and their fur will be softer. The best way to determine the right food for your pet is to observe how they respond to it after eating it.

With this in mind, I will now offer you several different tips for purchasing dog food.

  • Never give chocolate to a dog. Dark chocolate is the worst. There are certain components in chocolate that dogs have trouble digesting. Sometimes it can take them up to 18 hours to digest. In some cases, this can cause death. Other less severe symptoms include vomiting, increased urination, hyperactivity, seizures and diarrhea.
  • Read the label of any dog food before feeding it to your pet. You want to make sure that their diet is rich in protein, so that the dog can have a smooth and healthy coat.
  • It is not wise to feed a dog a bone. This is because after chewing on the bone, the dog may get splinters inside his throat which can cause choking.
  • In most cases dog food supplements are unnecessary. If you feed your dog a proper diet then supplements should not be required. However, if you’re not sure your dog is getting the proper food nutrients, then you should consider feeding them food supplements.
  • Never feed your dog raw fish or eggs. They will cause the dog’s skin to break out and in some cases even cause hair loss in the pet. Additionally, they may cause a decrease in appetite, poor posture, and weakness within the animal’s muscles.