There is no denying that a puppy makes an amazingly adorable and lovable pet. No matter what so ever, you are going to love each and every moment you spend with your puppy but hold on for a second, does this apply to if your puppy is not trained? An untrained puppy can be a hard nut to crack. If you are not training your puppy then you are not only encouraging your puppy’s bad habits (which can be a trouble inside as well as outside the house) but you are also inviting many health risks for your adorable pet.

Puppies training, if done in good order, will work wonders for your pet. Below is a compilation of a few very basic training steps for you.

Train Puppy to Behave when He is Alone

There are times when the whole family is supposed to be out of house for one or another job. At such occasions, an untrained puppy will create mess as much as it can be created. To help you in this, here is a starter:

  • Try to leave your puppy alone but make sure that the room have enough space for puppy to roam in.
  • Do this for about half an hour each day. You will start observing change in the puppy’s behavior with time as he adapts to this situation.
  • Increase the time from half an hour to two to four hours a day.
  • Give your puppy some toy to play with, so there are less chances of boredom.

By doing this, you are doing a HUGE favor to the puppy. At least the puppy will not have anxiety attacks when you leave puppy alone.

Potty Training

Potty training is the most important and undoubtedly unavoidable training module. Our pets should be able to keep their surroundings clean by not eliminating their waste just anywhere. To start with your puppies training for potty, take your pet on a stroll after every meal to the place where you decide its potty place. Be patient as puppies training is usually annoying. Give your pet some time and things will fall on place. Till the time, your pet has not learnt his potty module well, don’t let it come near your carpets, sofas or other material that you care about.

How to Train a Sociable Puppy


We all want our pet to be calm and peaceful so that people in our surroundings don’t get affected in a bad way. For this to happen, let your puppy meet new people often. It’s not hard to take the dog for walks where people from around come for a casual walk or they have their dog accompanying them just like you. When your dog meets new people and other pets, it gets to know that they are no aliens and it should not bark at them for no reasons. Not an easy task to do though. Try contacting your nearest dog training center for assistance if you alone can’t handle this module.

These basic puppies training modules can be done at home with an ease. If in case you are facing troubles while training your dog, it would be better to seek help from a dog trainer.